Thursday, June 26, 2014

Encinitas Chiropractic Care - Wofford Chiropractic Specials!

Finding the right chiropractor can be challenging. After my first visit to Wofford Chiropractic, I was very comfortable with the care I received. The office visit was a personable experience to remember.

I have been seeing Dr.Wofford for several months now for a old ski injury and I feel great. I have seen a few Dr's relating to this injury and Brian was the only Dr to suggest using a TEN's machine. I was really pleased with the results. I trust his judgment 100% and love his warm nature. Every visit is a pleasure. Love the roller tables too ... so relaxing!!!
 Chiropractic is an excellent means of dealing with workers compensation issues. If there's an injury on the job and you've gone down the traditional medical road to be treated, it may be time to give chiropractic a try. Chiropractors are professionals at dealing with underlying issues that potentially could be missed by medical doctors. Locating the source of your injury could be the difference between fixing an issue and living with something for a long period of time.

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